Rules and Regulations

Orlando Competition 2018 – Piano Trios

The Orlando Competition strives to be a gentle and stimulating example of the phenomenon of competing, by asking all competing ensembles to perform during all three rounds. An important part of the three prizes is a fully scholar-shipped participation in the 2018 Orlando Festival Master Class. During this master class the ensembles will have the opportunity to study with the jury members and other Orlando coaches and performers. The trios will also  give numerous performances (in corroboration with other Orlando Musicians) on the various Orlando Festival stages.

Calendar and duration of the competition

01/04/2018 registration deadline and payment of registration fee
14/05/2018 announcement of the selected ensembles, per E-mail
08/08/2018 arrival of the participants at Rolduc, Kerkrade, before 3pm
08/08/2018 afternoon: scheduled rehearsals for all contestants in the competition hall. Dinner at 7pm
09/08/2018 First Round
10/08/2018 Second Round
11/08/2018 Third Round (morning) & Final Round (evening)

09/08/2018 – 19/08/2018 Orlando Festival

  1. The organisation accepts a maximum of nine participating ensembles.
  2. The competition consists of a first, second and third round and a final round.
  3. The order of performances for all rounds and the final round will be determined by the organisation.
  4. The selected ensembles will all play in the first three rounds, which will take place at Rolduc, Kerkrade, home base of the Orlando Festival; these rounds are open to the public.
  5. Following the third round, three finalists will be announced.
  6. The final round will take place in the Theatre in Kerkrade. The winners and their prizes will be announced after the final round.

Participation and registration

  1. Participation is open to ensembles from all countries.
  2. The average age of the members of an ensemble cannot be over 32 years of age on August 1, 2018. The age of the individual members cannot exceed 35 years of age on August 1, 2018.
  3. By registering, participants declare that they have read and accepted the competition rules. They will also abide the decision of the jury and any instructions from the organisation.
  4. Arrival at Rolduc, in the city of Kerkrade, has to be on Wednesday, August 8, 2018, before 3pm. If an ensemble does not arrive on time, it can be excluded from participation without restitution of the registration fee.
  5. The organisation expects ensembles to generate funds for their travel expenses. Should this be a problem though, and will it in fact keep the ensemble from applying to the competition, the ensemble can apply for financial assistance from the Orlando Competition.
  6. By registering for the competition, participating ensembles are bound to play in the concerts of the Orlando Festival (August 12-19, 2018), should they be selected to play in the final round. If an ensemble is not available for this period of time, it will be excluded from participation in the competition beforehand.
  7. The organisation of the Orlando Competition has the right, without payment of any fee, to record, videotape, film, broadcast, or photograph any competition concerts or events for any purpose. All rights, including copyright in such media shall vest in and be owned by the Orlando Competition in perpetuity.
  8. The organisation has the right to produce and distribute without limit, or payment of any fee, audio and/or video recordings of all competition concerts or events in whole or in part.
  9. Only fully completed digital registration forms together with all the required supported documents, will be considered. Registration via
  10. Applications, together with all required supporting documents and payment of the application fee, must be postmarked no later than April 1, 2018, and received by the office of the Orlando Competition by April 10, 2018. Applicants are encouraged to use a reputable courier service to facilitate proper tracking and delivery of application.
  11. Applicants must send the application form completed in English or Dutch to The Orlando Competition, together with:
    1. a copy of a passport, identity card or driver’s license for each member
    2. two letters of recommendation from a teacher and/or performing musician
    3. a recent high quality picture of the ensemble
    4. a biography of the ensemble and, when applicable, links to the Facebook page, website and YouTube Channel.
    5. A DVD, recorded after April 1, 2017, containing a minimum of 30 minutes of music (maximum 45 minutes) with as much as possible varied repertoire, with contrasting movements. The DVD must be of professional quality, recorded in real time, and must not be edited or altered in any way. DVD recordings must be clearly labelled with the ensemble’s name and repertoire, identified by track. The organisation of the Orlando Competition reserves the right to disqualify studio enhanced or modified recordings, or recordings which are not of sufficient professional quality. DVDs may be sent directly to the Orlando Competition office with other application materials, or send via Dropbox.
  12. With the registration form, a non-refundable application fee of € 160,- per ensemble has to be paid. Foreign drafts or international money orders must be in Euro and made payable to ‘Stichting Kamermuziek Limburg’
    P.O. box 246 6460 AE Kerkrade
    The Netherlands
    IBAN: NL65INGB0004525064
    Object: Orlando Competition + name of ensemble

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The selection process

  1. All applications will be pre-screened by the organisation prior to the jury adjudication process. Any application not meeting the highest standards will not be forwarded to the jury for consideration.
  2. The jury members will review the submitted DVD recordings, and will select a maximum of 9 ensembles to attend the competition.
  3. Ensembles chosen to be contestants in the 2018 Orlando Competition will be advised by May 14, 2018, by E-mail.
  4. The ensembles chosen to compete in the 2018 Orlando Competition are required to be in Kerkrade or in the immediate environment from Wednesday afternoon 3pm, August 8, 2018, through Sunday morning August 12, 2018. All ensembles should be available for participation in the Orlando Master Class & Concerts, in case they are finalists.


First Round:

  • A choice from (movements of) the piano trios by Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven op.1, as indicated by the ensemble on its submitted repertoire list for this round.
  • Maximum duration for the first round is 25 minutes.

Second Round:

  • A choice from (movements of) the piano trios by Ludwig van Beethoven (op.70 or op.97), Franz Schubert, Felix Mendelssohn, Johannes Brahms and Robert Schumann, plus a choice from one or more of the piano trios from the 20th century repertoire, as indicated by the ensemble on its submitted repertoire list for this round.
  • Maximum duration for the second round is 35 minutes.

Third Round:

  • Obligatory work (to be announced)

Final round:

  • A composition and/ or parts of more compositions of own choice, with a maximum duration of 40 minutes, and excluding repertoire performed in the previous three rounds. Trios must indicate which work(s) they will play in case they are admitted to the final round. A second choice must be included, to avoid presenting the same works as other contestants in the final round. The jury will decide about the choice of repertoire in these cases.
  1. When indicating the repertoire for rounds 1, 2 & 3 plus the Final Round, after having been selected to participate in the Orlando competition, the ensemble needs to send digital copies of all scores to the organisation of the Orlando Competition. Please give each file the following name composer + title composition + year for example: A. Dvorak, String Quartet nr. 12 op. 96, 1893.
  2. The repertoire list may, but does not have to, include the same works as those on the DVD recording accompanying the application form.
  3. Each ensemble invited to the Orlando Competition will perform in the first three rounds; only three ensembles will be selected to perform during the Final Round.
  4. The time per composition and the desired order of playing needs to be mentioned. Exceeding the maximum duration of a round is not allowed.
  5. The participating ensemble decides on repeats, taking into consideration the maximum duration per round.
  6. The participants are supposed to own all published scores of the compositions they are playing. The Orlando Competition cannot be held responsible for possible fraud by a participating ensemble.


  1. The competition has an international jury, consisting of five members including a president.
  2. Contestants shall not communicate with jury members during the competition, nor shall any other person communicate with the jury members on behalf of a competitor. Violation of this rule will result in automatic disqualification from the competition. Should there be any questions during the competition regarding the jury, then they should be directed at the organisation of the competition.
  3. Ensembles who are not admitted to the final round can have a conversation with the jurors, and get feedback on Saturday afternoon,after the third round.
  4. The president of the jury has the right to intervene when an ensemble exceeds the time limit.
  5. In the event that one or more members have studied or are still studying with one of the jurors, this juror will discuss her/his possible prejudice regarding the ensemble. The jury will take this into account.
  6. The jury deliberations are confidential. The decision of the jury will be communicated to the Artistic Director of the Orlando Competition, who will then make the decision public. The decision of the jury is final, and there is no appeal possible.
  7. In all cases where the above provisions are not sufficient, the president of the jury decides in corroboration with the organisation.


1st Prize (Prix Charles Hennen) amounting to € 13.500,-

  • A cash prize of € 4.500,-
  • At least three concerts, including a presentation in the Small Hall of the Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam, in the fall of 2019
  • Residency based on full scholarship of tuition, room and board in the Master Class during the Orlando Festival 2018.
  • Performances during the Orlando Festival 2018

2nd Prize (Sena Performers Prize)

  • A cash prize of € 3.000,-
  • Residency based on full scholarship of tuition, room and board in the Orlando Master Class during the Orlando Festival 2018.
  • Performances during the Orlando Festival 2018

3rd Price

  • A cash price of € 1.500,-
  • Residency based on full scholarship of tuition, room and board in the Orlando Master Class during the Orlando Festival 2018.
  • Performances during the Orlando Festival 2018

The jury can award to any of the finalists a Special Prize from Jeunesses Musicales International Chamber Music Campus.

  • A fully scholarshipped stay at the summer courses of 2019 at the Weikersheim Castle, Germany
  1. All ensembles accepted into the competition must agree that, if they win first prize, they will perform in the Concert Tour arranged for them by the Orlando Competition or its designates in the fall of 2019. The designated period will be announced to all accepted ensembles on May 14, 2018.
  2. Should a situation arise where the winning ensemble cannot procure the necessary travel documents or visas, or cannot fulfill the concert obligations, the Orlando Competition retains the right to transfer the winning prize to the runner up or an ensemble of its choosing.
  3. The jury has the right to, in corroboration with the organisation, to not grant one or more prizes.

Practical information

  1. The organisation of the Orlando Competition will provide the following to all invited ensembles:
  2. Shared rooms per ensemble at Rolduc from August 8 to August 12, 2018, at Hotel Rolduc. Check-out is on Sunday, August 12 before 10 am. Costs are € 320,- per person for the whole of the competition. Payment has to been made prior to the start of the competition.
  3. All meals are included, from diner on August 8 until breakfast on August 12.
  4. Each ensemble has its own rehearsal room. There are also individual practice rooms available.
  5. Obtaining appropriate travel documents and insurance is the sole responsibility of each competitor. The organisation accepts no liability of any kind whatsoever for any personal illness or injury sustained by the competitor or for loss or damage to a competitor’s belongings, including instrument, during transit or while at the competition.
  6. There is a special offer for ensembles who wish to participate in the Orlando Festival Master Class as well as in the competition. Ensemble members each pay € 600,- to participate in the competition and in the adjoining festival. When applying for the competition, ensembles are asked to indicate if they wish to participate in the festival. Should an ensemble be accepted to the final round of the competition, participation in the Orlando Festival is part of all three prizes.
  7. The official language of the Orlando Competition is English.
  8. “Stichting Kamermuziek Limburg”
    P.O. Box 246
    6461 AE Kerkrade
    The Netherlands
    IBAN: NL.65.INGB.000.452.50.64
    BIC/Swift: INGBNL2A
    (Please state the name of the ensemble when transferring money!)


  1. The Orlando Competition is organised by ‘Stichting Kamermuziek Limburg’ (Foundation Chamber Music Limburg) and is part of the Orlando Festival.
  2. The direction of the competition resides with the executive board of the Foundation Chamber Music Limburg.
  3. Should a situation occur which is not described in these rules, then the Foundation Chamber Music Limburg decides.