2016: 11 - 13 August 2016

The Orlando Competition - an international chamber music competition - for ensembles from 3 to 6 musicians (piano trios and string quartets excluded) from August 11 to 13, 2016 in Kerkrade, The Netherlands

The Orlando Competition strives to be a gentle and stimulating example of the phenomenon of competing, by asking all competing ensembles to perform during all three rounds and allowing the ensembles to freely choose their preferred compositions from the canon of the repertoire. An important part of the three prizes is a fully scholar-shipped participation in the 2016 Orlando Festival Master Class. And all ensembles admitted to the Competition but not admitted to the Final Round will get the opportunity to participate in the Orlando Master Class.

Jury members

Ellen Corver, piano president of the jury
The Netherlands

Ingrid Geerlings, flute
The Netherlands

Larissa Groeneveld, violoncello
The Netherlands

Alan R. Kay, clarinet
United States

Livia Sohn, violin
United States

Winners 2016

Ebonit Saxophone Quartet (The Netherlands, Poland, Germany) 1st prize: Prix Charles Hennen
Flute East Trio (Flute trio: South Korea/ Taiwan) 2nd prize
Weiner Ensemble (flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano: Hungary) 3rd prize
Erlendis Quartet (Guitart quartet: Poland) Special award: Jeunesses Musicales

Competing ensembles

Ebonit Saxophone Quartet (The Netherlands, Poland, Germany)
Erlendis Quartet (Guitart quartet: Poland)
Flute East Trio (Flute trio: South Korea/ Taiwan)
Quintet ATEM (wind quintet: South Korea)
Trio Affekti (violin, saxophone, piano: Spain/Finland/ Hongkong)
Trio Claron (clarinet, violoncello, piano: South Korea / Turkey/ Japan)
Ventus Sextett (wind quintet with piano: South Korea /Poland)
Weiner Ensemble (flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano: Hungary)


Press release

Winners Orlando Competition 2016

After the exciting finals, the jury of the International Chamber Music Festival has awarded first prize (Prix Charles Hennen) to the Ebonit Saxophone Quartet (The Netherlands, Germany, Poland), whose members studied in The Netherlands at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Second prize went to Flute East Trio (China, South-Korea), and third prize to the Hungarian Weiner Ensemble.

The jury also gave a special prize, an eleven-day-course in the castle of Weikersheim (Germany), to the Elendis Quartet, a guitar quartet from Poland. The jury, consisting of five distinguished chamber musicians, was very impressed by the high quality of all eight participants. The Orlando Festival supports the Ebonit Saxophone Quartet with a money prize of 4500 euros and a concert tour in the Netherlands, during the season of 2017-2018.

The Orlando Festival was very pleased with the diversity of the offered repertoire. There were 45 compositions played by 42 different composers, from Bach to 2016, also including 10 works of living composers.

Flute East Trio and Ebonit Saxophone Quartet had concert obligations elsewhere, but Weiner Ensemble and Erlendis Quartet will be playing during the masterclasses, as well as the regional and evening concerts of the Orlando Festival.

Ellen Corver, the president of the jury, noted: ‘The ensembles had very high level of proficiency, and it is a great pleasure to listen to such aspiring ensembles. It is inspiring to see young people that skilled in music. And the diversity of the repertoire was remarkable.’

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